3D Models at
your fingertips

Create, share, deliver with the power of your hands.

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Engage in 3DGXPAINT

3DGXPAINT allows creators, teachers, engineers, performers and any professional in need of designing,
manipulating, showing and printing objects in 3D to deliver awesome results with unbelievable easiness, speed and comfort.

And all of it from a simple HTML5 browser

Natural Interfaces.

We support Leap Motion. And any other input device

Unlimited possibilities

Meet. Share. Create. Physical limits will not exist anymore.

Cloud in your hands

Power, 3DGX Library, high availabitly. Store and access your own created, shared or bought models.


IPR protected

Keep the ownership of your designs! 3DGx models can be distributed and visualized without the fear of being copied.

A large number of tools at your disposal

Paint, shape, morph, turn in any direction, apply mesh… there will not be any tool that you will miss.

With your own hands

No need to get dirty any longer. Now you move your hands, we do the magic. Without the mess.


Invite your colleagues to work together on the same model. Real time brainstorming can now become true. The more people the more fun.

Anywhere, anytime

Thanks to our powerful servers you will only need a browser supporting HTML5. No need for powerful graphic card, CPU, memory or storage. We take care of everything.


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